What iJuanCarlo Will be About

ijuancarlo will be about me. I am a 20-something trying to make a difference before I go (pass on). I am interested in what I believe to be the two most important issues of our time:

  1. Energy
  2. Relationships

I am a double major in psychology* and civil engineering and I plan to combine the two to be a relevant expert in renewable energy and business development. However, more than anything I like to write and put my thoughts in a medium where I can review them later. So this blog is about me, putting my thoughts somewhere that I can share, hopefully get feedback, and progress that purpose to make a difference before I go.

My goal with ijuancarlo is to develop my personal brand. I am in the early years of my career and this blog is for people to  decide whether I can be of some service. I want this blog to deliver the message that I am just a man striving to do good, although I am every bit capable of failing at that. I would like to make a living in renewable energy, business development, and even some sort of counseling or psychology services. So part of this brand development is choosing which industry I will inevitably head into.

Follow Me? If you’ve read this far shoot me a mention @jcspascua on twitter and let’s begin a conversation. I don’t care much for numbers, but I do want to develop connections with people that are along the same path as mine. If you’re into renewable energy, or relationships, or psychology, or business development and want to share opinions let me know in the comments. Leave your website for me to checkout there as well, cheers!

* As a side note, my most common conversations with friends and family would be troubles in friend, family, and dating relationships. I rarely get the opportunity to share my knowledge in civil engineering and renewable energy.

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