Energy Read: Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies – Intro

Renewable energy books can get outdated pretty fast as the clean technology industry is still in its infancy; I try not to quote energy books without an edition younger than five years. The format of these posts: as I progress through the book I will post 3-5 interesting quotes per chapter.

Shields, C. (2010). Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies. USA: Clean Energy Press.

Four quotes from the Introduction:

“Very few people doubt that our current fixation on fossil fuels will implode on itself as our population grows and its hunger for energy increases over the coming few decades.”

“I offer here a survey of the subject of renewable energy, provided from a number of different perspectives that I hope will be useful to people trying to make sense of a subject of such enormous complexity. In fact, I find that the most interesting aspect of this whole topic is, in fact, its very complexity—the way it taps into virtually all our disciplines of thought and learning. Here, one finds pieces of math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, sociology, marketing, psychology, international relations, history, and political theory… the entirety of what one can study in college all comes into play here.”

“We live in a world of tough realities—technological, economic, and political—and we all would do well to understand those realities if we are to have relevant discussions as to what we must do as a civilization.”

“I honestly try—at a surface level at least—to cover the gamut of the sciences, the business issues, and the underlying political foundation that collectively determine our best course vis-à-vis clean energy.”

Next energy post: 3-5 quotes from the “Peak Oil” chapter of Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies.

To order Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies, by Craig Sheilds, 2010: $15 for paperback and $8 for ebook.

Photo Credit: menesis

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