Formula for Love

Love is one of those things that psychologists have never much been able to define. Call it the most powerful force on the planet, a source of infinite energy, what makes the… Ahem, well you get the picture. Follow this series as I compile the research on love through a series of (empirical research) quotes.

Jarret, C. & Ginsburg, J. (2008) This book has issues: Adventures in Popular Psychology. New York: Metro Books.

“New York-based psychologist Arthur Arun has found the formula. He had subjects who had never met nor seen one another before reveal very intimate details about their lives for half an hour, then stare silently into one another’s eyes for four minutes. A strong majority of of the subjects reported feeling deeply attracted to one another after the experiment- amazingly one couple even went on to get married”

In a list, How to Fall in Love:

    1. Talk about intimate details about your life, with someone else
    2. Stare silently into each others’ eyes for 4 minutes

Does it work? It’s likely that if you’re able to talk about intimate details of your life with someone else and then be able to stare silently into their eyes, they’ve already have some good feelings for you. But I’d like to hear other opinions in the comments.

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