The Women Always Choose

There are countless examples in nature where it is the female that chooses the male to mate with. Humans are no exception.

Men, we try, we do things such:

  • Work out
  • Make a ton of money
  • Wear nice cloths
  • Improve our intelligence
  • Etc.

We do these things to stand out. For a while it seemed in the men’s community that improving your statistics in three main areas: health, wealth, and relationships (love) would be the key to being irresistible to women. Not so.

What most of my male friends fail to recognize is that the women is an individual. She has had twenty plus years of psychological development. She has interacted with her environment, her own thoughts, and inner chemistry (hormones, biological processes, etc.) that has developed her idea of the ideal man. She is programmed to find this individual.

For some women, they like tall guys. Some women will admit they like jerks. Some women like intelligent men. I would suggest most women don’t know what they want. That’s why “techniques” such as pick up lines, or acting assertive, or being an “alpha-male” is attractive to women; even if a woman doesn’t know what she wants in a man her evolutionary biology has geared her to be attracted to status.

So it’s old news: women are attracted to status. As we’ve heard, attraction is not a choice. I say: attraction is not enough. Sure a woman will choose you for a moment, a day, a week, some months, but it won’t last if you don’t meet the requirements of her ideal man.

For some men this is terrible news. They’ve been focusing on their bodies, their pocketbooks, or their intelligence to gain “status”.

Instead focus on what makes you happy. Someone wise once told me that the “more right, you are with yourself, the more right you will be with the one person you finally choose to be with you.” And, really, that means the more right you are with yourself the more right you’ll be with the woman that chooses you.

*This post goes out to a friend that chose poorly. 1. She doesn’t know what she wants. 2. If she does, she doesn’t want anything good. She’ll be singing this song from Adele “Someone like you.”

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2 Responses to The Women Always Choose

  1. “Someone wise once told me that the “more right, you are with yourself, the more right you will be with the one person you finally choose to be with you.”

    Hear hear…

  2. wow @ looking for him at 40 and he’s settled and I’m alone .. sad ..

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